About IN / OUT Exhibition

IN / OUT is a collaborative project between Dmitry Litosh and Kirsti Järvinen.
The exhibition took place from 23rd to 29th October 2017 in Amsterdam.

​​​​​​​”IN / OUT is an exploration of how we perceive the environment and its effect on our understanding of comfort, beauty and freedom. Being authentic and present is the most important factor to enjoy your life. This state has been described by Eric Berne as awareness in his book Games people play – Awareness requires living in the here and now, and not in the elsewhere, the past or the future. In relation to photography – perceiving the moment authentically and crafting a bond to it by projecting the real world in to a photograph. This differentiates photography as art.
The mood and purpose with which the photographs were taken may not (nor should they) be the same as what the viewer may perceive. Some of them were shot under the refreshing state of freedom, some with the sense of warm comfort. Others may have been taken in a quite lonely state. 
Yet, Dmitry is sincere in conveying each work as a cast of his feelings, provoked by the surroundings. 
This collection consists of open and closed environment photographs taken in Europe and the USA.”

The exposition plays with the contrast between constricted and open, solitary and populated, happy and sad spaces and environments.
While some of the pictures are self-explanatory in mood and tone, viewers were encouraged to fill them with their own meaning and interpretation.


As seen during the exhibition, same picture had different effect on different people – an extravert liked lively and crowded street of New York, while a more introverted person was drawn to a calm sunset picture taken in the forest of Harz, Germany.

Nov 07 2017_Jun 10 2016

Nov 07 2017_Dec 26 2015

The arrrangement of the pictures was done in the music-like flow, starting with black-and-white scenery pictures, moving on to calm blue tones, progressing to orange and red pictures and culminating with calm sunset shots.

Dmitry and Kirsti would like to thank all the visitors of IN / OUT.

The collection is available online in this gallery.

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